Available resources

The following resources are currently available. Please click on a resource for more details.

Resource Name
account Accounts
fibu_account_group Account groups
article Articles
article_type Article types
bank_account Bank accounts
kb_bill Bills
calendar Appointments
client Client
client_service Business activities
statistic Charts and dashboard data
communication_kind Communication types
company_profile Company profile
contact Contacts
contact_branch Contact sectors
contact_group Contact groups
contact_relation Contact relations
contact_type Contact types
country Countries
currency Currencies
expense Expenses
kb_invoice Invoices
kb_reminder Invoice reminders
kb_offer Offers
kb_order Orders
kb_delivery Deliveries
language Languages
lead Leads
lead_source Lead sources
lead_status Lead statuses
logopaper Logopapers
time_tracking Timesheets
monitoring_status Timesheet statuses
note Notes
payment_type Payment types
pr_project Projects
pr_state Project statuses
pr_project_type Project types
salutation Salutations
stock Stock locations
stock_place Stock areas
task Tasks
tax Taxes
title Titles
todo_priority Task priorities
todo_status Task statuses
unit Units
user Users