URL parameters

Limit search and list results

The following parameters can be applied to list and search requests:

Parameter Description
limit Limits the number of results (At most 2000 entries will be returned if no limit is defined)
offset Defines the start entry (starting at 0)
order_by Defines the order of the results. Multiple sort parameters can be combined by using a comma separator.


GET /contact?limit=5&offset=7&order_by=name_1_asc,nr_desc

The following parameters are used for this request:

  • Sort ascending by company name / last name and secondary sort descending by number. (order_by=name_1_asc,nr_desc)
  • Show results starting from the eight entry (offset=7)
  • Show max. 5 entries (limit=5)

Callbacks (JSON-P)

Every request accepts the GET parameter ?callback. Callbacks are often used to avoid “cross domain” problems. Please note that the content type of the response is always application/javascript.


GET /contact/1?callback=myfunction


Content-Type: application/javascript
Content-Length: 467
    "name_1":"Muster AG",
    "address":"Müllerstrasse 22",
    "updated_at":"2013-03-11 08:29:48"